Transfer Credit

At CAPSTONE, we know how hard you have worked to gain your spiritual training. We are honored to accept previous education as credit towards your degree,

Life Experience Credit

Applicability of life experience is determined by the academy enrollment staff. Documentation of experience should be included in your ministry statement during the application process.

CAPSTONE awards life-experience that is:

  • Post-high school
  • Professional level
  • Paid or volunteer
  • Carried out as part of a social service ministry or within a faith community.

Which can include, but may not be limited to:

  • Religious education
  • Church administration

Transfer Credit

CAPSTONE also allows credits to be transferred from other post-secondary educational programs and schools for a Bachelor’s Degree Program, Master’s Degree Program, and Doctoral Degree Program, and is determined by CAPSTONE University  faculty.

Official transcripts from the granting post-secondary program or institution are required at the time of application. The final credits of study must be completed by following CAPSTONE’s curriculum for each specific degree program.

A maximum of 24 life experience and/or transfer credit, can be applied to any degree program. Tuition fees will be adjusted after evaluations of transcripts and documented life experience are approved. A $50 per credit fee will be applied for each credit used from outside institutions and sources.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Transfer Credits 

  • CAPSTONE will accept a maximum of four (4) units of CPE credits for transfer
  • CAPSTONE will impose a $50 transfer fee per CPE credit