Thanatology is quite simply “the study of death”. Individuals who choose to earn a degree in thanatology are people who want to focus on the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual aspects and mechanisms surrounding individuals who are dying and transitioning to the next life. Thanatologists offer insightful assistance and care and often are equipped with a plethora of rituals to assist people during these times. They are actively engaged with those people who have left a mainstream church and yet still need a facilitator or companion during this challenging time in their life or loved one’s life.

Thanatology Program Learning Outcomes:

Student will demonstrate knowledge, skills and dispositions associated with:

  • The current state of knowledge regarding Thanatology, including philosophy, principles, and legal
    and ethical responsibilities of providers.

  • Various settings in which Thanatology can be integrated into practice and the unique needs of
    individuals and families in those settings.

  • Introductory use application of research methods.
  • The design and implementation of educational practices relating to death, the dying process,
    endoflife decision making and bereavement.

  • Communication and networking for personal and professional growth, collaboration, leadership,
    and change management.
Degrees Offered: