Professional Certificates

Start with a professional certificate and step up to a master’s or doctorate degree. Select graduate degrees include fully or partially embedded certificates, so you can potentially earn professional credentials while pursing graduate studies.

Adult Learning

This certificate is designed for individuals who want a more informed approach to adult education, pedagogy, and andragogy.

AL321 Adult Learning Theories I
AL322 Adult Learning Theories II
AL323 Adult Learning in the Digital Age
AL324 Motivation in Adult Learning

Spiritual Care Nursing

Nurses gain increased awareness to better identify and address spiritual needs and high-quality holistic patient care.

SN321 Foundations as a Faith Community Nurse
SN322 Wholistic and Holistic Health
SN324 Health & Wellness-Global Community Nursing Concepts
SC441 Theological Reflection

Pediatric Chaplaincy

Provides specialized training in spiritual care for children & families with attention to diverse spiritual orientations and cultures.

CH329 Pediatric Chaplaincy Care
PC331 Advanced Topics
PC332 Trauma-Informed Pediatric Chaplaincy
PC333 Pediatric Palliative Care

Hospice And Palliative Care Chaplaincy

This caregiving approach is aimed at the quality of life & mitigating suffering among people with serious and complex illnesses.

HC321 Understanding the Basics of Hospice Chaplaincy
HC322 Fundamentals of Spiritual Care in Palliative Care
HC323 Advanced Practice Spiritual Care in Palliative Care
HC324 Spiritual Care Concerns at the End of Life


This combines ritual, and human pain and suffering, with scientific study around transitions, grief, and loss

TH321 Fundamentals of Thanatology
TH322 Death and Dying
TH324 Addressing Spiritual Needs of Dying
TH325 Grief and Loss

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

For the helping professional with a primary interest is counseling from a PsychoSpiritual perspective

CP421 Human Spirituality and Development
CP422 Pastoral Counseling for Individuals
CP424 Spiritual Small Group Ministries
CP425 Spiritual Assessment and Evaluation

Transformational Change: Satir Model

Virginia Satir, a pioneer in the field of psychotherapy, created this psycho-socio-bio-spiritual transformational model

CP420 Fundamentals in Human Interaction Process and Theory
CP430 Applying the Satir Theory and Process
CP440 Deeping Understanding of Satir Concepts
PX444 Praxis Application Experiential Learning

Worship Leadership

Provides a brief overview of homiletics, hermeneutics, exegesis, Christology, and other key elements in multifaith services

DV321 Worship I
DV323 Hermeneutics
DV324 Exegesis and Biblical Criticism
SC441 Theological Reflection

Theory of CPE Supervision

Specific theoretical elements directed at teaching and educating others in Clinical Pastoral Education are the focus here

AL321 Adult Learning Theory 1
CH440 Narrative Theory
CP421 Human Spirituality & Development
SC441 Theological Reflection

Spiritually Informed Social Work

This holistic approach to healing incorporates the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual ontology of the human being.

CP420 Fundamentals in Human Interaction Process and Theory
CP422 Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling for Individuals
CP423 Premarital and Family Counseling from a Spiritual Perspective
CP425 Spiritual Assessment and Evaluation

Spiritual Coaching

Establishes what spiritual coaching and how it affects positive change for clients from a variety of spiritual backgrounds

CO321 Foundations in Spiritual Coaching
CO322 Tools in Spiritual Coaching
CO323 The Business of Coaching & Ethics
PX444 Praxis Application Experiential Learning

Military Chaplaincy

This program aids military chaplains in an increased understanding of pastoral care and pastoral care techniques.

CP421 Human Development
CP422 Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling for Individuals
CP426 Spirituality and Mental Illness
CP429 Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy